Empress pleasure in what was the rest of the royal gardens, restored in 1925 after opening for the park opened. In recent decades, has continued to maintain and remediation. Now the Beihai Park is a national 4A level scenic areas, divided into Qiongdao area, north shore area, Mission City area, East Coast area, the North Sea five-part botanical garden, have their own characteristics, the famous attractions Ho Pu, the boats and fasting, meditation, fasting, and King Hall, fast Xue Tang, Nine Dragon Wall, Five Dragon Pavilion Xiaoxitian so, the park willow trees, pines and cypresses, lush garden, pavilions scattered, dense house, while maintaining the atmosphere in northern gardens, but also reproduce Jiangnan gardens grace graceful.

Beihai Park entrance Construction of the North Sea from an ancient myth: It is said, vast, there are three mountains on the East China Sea, known as Penglai, Chou, abbot; mountain gods lived forever. Qin Shi Huang unified China, sent to the East China Sea alchemist Xu Fu to find the elixir may be nothing. To the Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty to start with the dream of immortality can find still no results, then ordered the Chang dug a large pond north, were “too liquid pool”, pool, stacked three rockery, respectively, Penglai, near Chau, abbot of the three mountains named. Since then, successive emperors like to follow the example of “a pool of three mountains” to build the royal palace in the form. It is this take the form of the North Sea – North Sea, a symbol of “too liquid pool”, “King Wah Island” is the Penglai, the original in the water, “Mission City” and “rhino hill station” is a symbol of Chou and the abbot. Park in the “public-dong Lu,” “fairy Um,” “Sin Cheng Lu copper plate” and many other sites search for immortality.

Beihai Park The first is a common North Sea waters, water with the island name “Yao Island.” Jin began to dig the lake heap mountains, expand Yao Island, was renamed the “King Wah Island”, the island was built, “Yao Guang Dian”, “Guang Han Palace”, and from Bianliang (now Kaifeng) moved to Gen Yue flowers stacked stone rockery, North Sea have begun to take shape. King Wah Yuan continued expansion of the island, renamed the “Long Live the Mountain,” “Longevity Hill”, ‘ditch Mountain “, and as a center of the construction of large capital, so there are” first, the North Sea after Beijing “is. Ming Dynasty, the North Sea into the palace’s back garden, said the Xiyuan, before digging the South China Sea, east coast of bulldozers, the Mission City and rhino mountain station to link up with the land and build the “Yu-Jin Ao Building Bridges.” Qing Dynasty, Han Guang Temple in building a tower on the site Li Temple, known as “White Pagoda Temple”, later renamed the “Wing Temple,” said the King Wah island Baita Mountain. Qianlong Period of the North Sea has conducted a large-scale construction, continuous construction for 30 years. dynasty era, Cixi diverted naval military rehabilitation North Sea, for their pleasure.

Beihai Park After the Revolution of August 1925, the North Sea was turned into a park open to visitors, but due to poor management gradually deserted, to the eve of the founding of the PRC has become an overgrown with weeds, sludge deposition Huang Yuan was. After the founding of the PRC, Beihai Park was listed as national key cultural relics protection units, and three sea dredging, repair buildings, increase the facilities, the North Sea more beautiful as the people off visiting the resort. In 1987, the North Sea was named one of Beijing’s new King sixteen.
Beihai Park inherited the ancient Chinese tradition of gardening, and the gathering around the garden art director, both the momentum and the north garden of the Broad and diverse private garden graceful charm, and to build the magnificent imperial palace and religious temples solemn, spectacular but seamless, garden art treasures in China.