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The Great Wall at MutianyuMutianyu Great Wall

The Great Wall is situated in huairou county, 72kms northeast of Beijing, The Great Wall winds its way on the Yanshan Mountains,20 km north of Huairou. Mutianyu Great Wall stands in the East opposite of Badaling Great Wall, which is in the west. It connects Gubeikou Pass in the north and Huanghuacheng in the west, Mutianyu Great Wall has been preserved intact. Vegetation and fruit trees is abundant. The scenic beauty in spring and autumn is excellent. The whole area is like a garden on a mountain top. we can find scenic spots, such as Lianhuachi (lake) Zhenzhuquan (spring) and Longtan (lake) in the neighborhood. Then, Mutianyu Great Wall is also a place for tourists to go and enjoy the beauty of Chinese landscape.

The Great Wall at BadalingThe Great Wall at Badaling

The Great Wall locates the northwest of the Beijing, its position is longitude 116 degrees 65 cents east and latitude 40 degrees 25 cents north, it’s apass of Jundu mountain. It extends in all diretions which is the reason it be called Badaling. The Badaling Great Wall resound in the whole world, il is the first part which open to tourist of the Great Wall. Heretofore. It has welcome tourists more than 130000000. Nixon, Riken, Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev etc, 372 mugwumps visited the Great Wall. The Badaling Wall is the soul of the whole Great Wall, it is welcomeming the tourists come from the whole world. The man who has visited The Great Wall are all acclaimed as the peak of perfection.

The Summer PalaceThe Summer Palace

It is located norhwest of Beijing, The Summer Palace consists of Longevity Hill and Kunming lake with a total area of 290 hectares. It was the palace where the imperial of Qing dynasty handled their government affairs, spent their summer, celebrated their birthday and came for relaxation. The Summer Palace is a classical imperial garden embracing hills and lakes.

The Forbidden CityThe Forbidden City

It is the world’s largest and best-preserved imperial palace complex. Surrounded by moat that is six meters deep and a ten-meter high wall are 9,999 rooms – just one room short of the number that ancient Chinese believed represented divine perfection. Once having entered the Forbidden City, visitors are transported to a spa cious world of great luxury that had a culture of its own. For five centuries, this palace functioned as the administrative center of the country as well as being the pleasure home of the emperors and empresses who were served by thousands of people. Walking along the corridors and through various rooms it becomes easy to understand the impact of the rulers who lived here and their isolation from the rest of Chinese life. Regardless of how much history you have read, or movies featuring the Forbidden City you have seen, the place itself is not to be missed by any Beijing visitor.

Chinese Kungfu ShowChinese Kungfu Show

The show is a must-see production in Beijing for tourists adn kungfu lovers, The show lasts about one and half hours.

Price: 200 p/p

Starts: 19:00

Finishes: 20:20

Pick-up service from hotel only and return by yourselves

Chinese Acrobatics ShowChinese Acrobatics Show

An acrobatic show has become one of the most popular evening entertainments for tourists in Beijing. you can enjoy gravity-defying contortionism, juggling, unicyling, chair-stacking, and plate-spinning acts and more.

Price: 200 p/p

Starts: 15:30/17:30/19:00 (Three time periods)

Finishes: 16:50/18:50/20:20

Pick-up service from hotel only and return by yourselves

Peking Opera ShowPeking Opera Show

The costumes in Peking Opera are graceful, magnificent, elegant and brilliant, most of which are made in handicraft embroidery. As the traditional Chinese pattern are adopted, the costumes are of a high aethetic value.

Price: 200 p/p

Starts: 19:30

Finishes: 20:50

Pick-up service from hotel only and return by yourselves

Car/Bus/Rental With driver (8/hours) Air-port Pick-up City Tour Badaling Great Wall
Car type Sending Service Lease Price Mutianyu Great Wall
Passat or the same type class cars ¥ 250 RMB/each time ¥ 600 RMB/each time ¥ 800 RMB/each time
Buick GL8 business class ¥ 350 RMB/each time ¥ 800 RMB/each time ¥ 1000 RMB/each time
Refine business class(minivan) ¥ 400 RMB/each time ¥ 800 RMB/each time ¥ 1000 RMB/each time
Mercedes 15 seats ¥ 600 RMB/each time ¥ 1000 RMB/each time ¥ 1200 RMB/each time
Toyota Coaster 19 seats ¥ 800 RMB/each time ¥ 1400 RMB/each time ¥ 1600 RMB/each time
Middle sized bus (33 seats or more) ¥ 1200 RMB/each time ¥ 1800 RMB/each time ¥ 2200 RMB/each time
Bus (40 seats or more) ¥ 1800 RMB/each time ¥ 2000 RMB/each time ¥ 2600 RMB/each time