Beijing Shopping Areas

Wangfujing Street Wangfujing Street
As the most famous commercial area of Beijing, Wangfujing is located at the northern side of Changan Avenue at the center of the city. With a long history of more than 700 years, it came into being in the Yuan Dynasty. In the middle of the Ming Dynasty, there was the earliest business activity. Wangfujing became a commercial center when the Dong An Market was founded here in 1903. The street is less than one kilometer long, but it is crowded with specialty and long-history shops, which are full of modern atmosphere and high taste. Now it is considered as the sister street of Champs Elysees in France. Besides of its modern feature, the street also preserves the Chinese traditional style, such as the Oriental Plaza, Gongmei Building, Wangfujing Department Store, Muslim Building, Sun Dong An Plaza and so on. The street absorb 500,000 people everyday to feel its attractive charm.

Qianmen Street Qianmen Street
Qianmen is just in the south of the Tiananmen Square. The Qianmen Street was a commercial center of Beijing more than 500 years ago. If you are interested in the Chinese traditional products, then it will be a good place to go. Qianmen area has been remedied as per the architecture style of the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Now the old and famous shops just like the Quanjude, Pianyi Workshop, Douyichu, all of which are the representative of the Chinese traditional culture, are congested there. Indubitably, the atmosphere of the Chinese traditional culture will be felt.

The Silk Market The Silk Market
This is a seven story building which has everything included. Just as its name, the Silk Street is full of the beautiful silk products (pyJamas, robes, shirts, scarves and so on )as well as the textiles (cashmere scarves, clothes of all types, tableclothes, etc.), and handcratts. Besides of these, the Silk Street has much more than just silk. The new Silk Street have introduced traditional Chinese handicratts, antiques, calligraphy, carpets, table cloths, bed coverings, paintings, hand-knit dresses, toys, electronic gadgets, trinkets, and line jewelry. Everything here can be had cheaper than at any of the stores in the city, but remember to make the bargain for it. It is located about 1kin east of Friendship Store, Exit A from the Yonganli subway station of Subway Line 1.

Panjiayuan Market Panjiayuan Market
For many foreign tourists to Beijing, Panjiayuan Market is a must see activity. As the largest antiques market of its kind both in China and Asia, the Panjianyuan Market is made up of more than 3,000 individual stalls covering 48,500 square meters. There is really a market for everbody to come, even Hilary Clinton has shopped here. All kind of souvenirs are available for sale. There are reproductions from the late Qing Dynasty as well as real stuff from the Cultural Revolution era. What is known to the Chinese as the “four treasure of the study brush, ink stick, paper and ink slab), old books and paintings, ancient Chinese and foreign coins, Buddhist relics, customes of ethnic minorities, apparels are also can be found here. You’d better go there on weekends. The Antique zone is open everyday, but the Arts and Cratts Warehouse Zone is on Saturday and Sunday only. Add: West of Panjiayuan Bridge (between Panjiayuan Bridge and Huawei Bridge), in the Chaoyang district.

Opening hours
8:30 – 18:30 from Monday to Friday
4:30 – 18:30 Saturday and Sunday

Beijing Curio City Beijing Curio City
Perfect for old and antique artifacts, as one of the Asia’s largest curio distribution center, the curio city covers an area of 23,400 square meters with about 500 stores. Its main business scope covers a wide ring of ancient porcelain, clocks, paintings, jade, carving, antique furniture, jewelry and carpet. To wander around the curio city will enlarge your knowledge about the Chinese Culture. At the same time, these ancient ad treasures will make your eyes dazzJedI.
Add: No.21, 3rd East Ring South Road, Chaoyang District (South of Panjiayuan Market).
Tel: 010-6774 7711

Hongqiao Market Hongqiao Market
Hongqiao is a Beijing shopping favorite, not because it is relax but because it has anything you want to lind, such as antiques, jewelry, clothes, food, souvenirs, gilts, toys, shoes etc. Although the quality of the goods is not always the best, but for the prices it is about what you can a~ord. Rather chaotic but you will have fun poking around.It is located in the south central area of Beijing, just opposite the northeastern entrance to the Temple of Heaven.
Add: Tiantan East Road, Chongwen District (Almost opposite the East Gate to the Temple of Heaven)

Yaxiu Market Yaxiu Market
Located at the west side of Sanlitun Bar St. and near to the second embassy area, Yaxiu is another famous clothing bazaar. The items here are a little similar to the Silk Market, but the price is much cheaper. The little overlap between stalls are crowed by the foreign trade cloth, traditional handcralts, and accessories. You also can also create your own body-skimming Qipao dress at the indoor market. The tailor and fabric vendors occupy the third floor. Choose from a rainbow of silks and flip through the stylebook to lind your perfect Chinese-girl look.The time to tailor just need 24 hours and the cost is less than 200 yuan. At the end, do not forget to make the bargain.
Add: No.58, WorkeCs Stadium Nodh Road, Chaoyang District.

Liulichang Antique Street Liulichang Antique Street
Liulichang ( Liu Li Chang – colored Glazed Plant ) is an antique culture street in Beijing. It is located south of Hepingmen Subway Station, just next to Hepingmen Quanlude Roast Duck Restaurant. Liulichang ( Colored Glazed Plant ) gets Its name in Ming Dynasty when the government established Colored Glazed Plant to produce fired colored glaze tiles to meet the need of royalty. Liulichang is 750m long with a long history from Yuan, Ming and Oing Dynast~=s. The area is really a good place to these who love the Chinese culture.

Liangma Collection Market Liangma Collection Market
With a history of over than 10 years, the market covers an area of 5,000 square metres. It mainly trades in wodhful figuline, iade article, clock, camera, paints, carper, furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasty as well as house- hold decorate.
Add: No59. Liangma Road. Chaoyang District
Tel; 010-64621625

Gaobeldian Antique Furniture Street Gaobeldian Antique Furniture Street
With a development of 10 years, Gaobeldian Antique Furniture Street has come into being a characteristic\culture street offenng classical furniture. The Gaobeldian classical furniture street is a good stage for representing and trading Chinese Traditional (umiture; the main type of the fumiture is of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Vendors and buyers from all China, even from many parts of the world.
Add: Gaobeldian. Chaoyang District

Baoguosi Temple Culture Market Baoguosi Temple Culture Market
It is the most central and professional market for the age-old money. So the big difference between Baoguosi Culture Market and other antique markets is that Baoguosi market is well focused on ancient coins, old ppaper\ money and old books.
Add: No.l, Baoguo Temple, Guanganmennei, Xuanwu District

Jianguomenwai Street Jianguomenwai Street
Jianguomenwai Street is a famous metropolitan area, which nowadays has developed into a slap-up shopping\ centre, such as Friendship Store, Guiyou Department Store, Scitech Plaza and the China World Shopping Mall. Jianguomenwai St. is not very far away from Tiananmen square, so it is a convenient place to do the shopping.

Lai Tai Lady's St Lai Tai Lady’s St
Best known for being on the name”lady street” and next to and alleyway called “Lady Dressing Plaza”, the new LaiTai Lady’s St. is one of the biggest non-clothes, but for flowers market on the east side of Beijing. Especially in the old days, strolling in Lai Tai is a perfect idea, as the huge of lqowers, plants and orchids is attractive, even if you do not buy it. And there are also about 20 shops selling aquariums and aquarium equipment. Note that, the south side of the Liangmehe, opposite the Lutthansa Centre, smaller Lai Tai still exists behind Duty Nellies.
Add: Near the Lutthansa business district.

Xidan Shopping Area Xidan Shopping Area
Situated in Xidan North St., west of Tiananmen square, Xiandan, a up-market commercial area, is a famous centre for commerce, entertainment and dinning, just like the US department store.The market is oriented to different costumer groups, providing mid-and high-quality commodities and highlightingthe distinctive feature of professionalsm and completeness to meet the needs of people. There are a lot of oldand new shops here such as: Xidan Shopping Center, Xidan Bazaar, Chung-Yo Department Store, HuananMansion, Paris Photo Studio, Weiwei Bride Wedding Dress Photo Studio and Capital Bookstore.
Add: go straight to north around 100 meters from Xidan subway stop of Line 1

Tongrentang Pharmacy Tongrentang Pharmacy
As the oldest Chinese apothecary, Tongrongtang is located at the south of Tiananmen. It is founded in 1669 and worked as the royal patronage in 1861. With the development of the more the 300 years, today it has expanded to have a large show-room outside Beijng. The shop is set-up by the Chinese traditional style at the frontage and interior. There are a lot of pictures of the famous ancient Chinese physicians and pharmacists. Now it has developed more than 3,000 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, medical herbs and tables and liquid medicines. With the worldwide interest in the Chinese Traditional Medicine, it has established many branches in Beijing as well as in whole China, HongKong, London and Sydney and more.
Add: No.255, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District

Zhangyiyuan Tea Shop Zhangyiyuan Tea Shop
Well-known, China is the hometown of the Tea. Zhangyiyuan Tea Shop, another old-brand store, was established in the 34th year of Emperor Guangxu’s regign in the Qing Dynasty (1910). The name of the tea shop, “yiyuan” means a successful beginning and continuous development. Zhangyiyuan has always been famed for its various descriptions, line quality as well as reasonable price. All kind of teas can be available at Zhangyiyuan Tea Shop, such as the famous Longjing, Biluochun as well as the Silver Needle. As a whole, there are more than 200 kinds of tea provided by Zhangyiyuan in order to meet the dilferent needs of the customers both home and abroad. The tea is divided into black tea, scented tea and health tea according the northerners’taste.Zhangyiyuan Tea Shop has established many branches, in this way its line of operation will be expanded and the time-honored brand will be further developed.
Add: No.173, Zhushikou West Street, Xuanwu District.