Hua’s Restaurant Hua’s Courtyard Restaurant, sited on an old Beijing Courtyard, is located in the famous food street (Gui Jie), about 100 meters east from exit B of Beixingqiao subway station. Hua’s Courtyard Restaurant is a 100 meter deep courtyard restaurant surrounded by sophisticated, elegant, antique, and richly ornamented beams and pillars, corridors and winding […]

How to visit Shichahai (Lake) Park Shichahai is often referred as “Houhai”, or “Back Lake” by foreign visitors who kill time in its bar area in the evening. Actually Houhai (back lake) is just part of Shichahai. Shichahai is composed of three lakes – Qianhai (front lake), Houhai (back lake) and Xihai (west lake). Sometime […]

Cuandixia Village is located in Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District, about 90 kilometers (31.3 miles) from downtown Beijing. It has a history of about 400 years and preserves more than 70 courtyards with approximately 500 rooms which were built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). This ancient mountain village, the best preserved […]

The main difference between Chinese and western eating habits is that unlike the West, where everyone has their own plate of food, in China the dishes are placed on the table and everybody shares. If you are being treated by a Chinese host, be prepared for a ton of food. Chinese are very proud of […]

The Great Wall at Badaling & The Ming Tomb Known as one of the Seven Wonders of the world, the Great Wall, symbolizing Chinese ancient civilization, is one of the most renowned projects. Construction of the wall first began more than 2500 years ago with the total length of over 6000 kilometers. Badaling Great Wall, […]

Taichi and Tea These two art forms seem to have irreconcilable differences, but are actually easily linked by their spirit. In the same way tea helps clear one’s mind and body, Taichi refreshes practitioners with each move of an arm or leg. The graceful sport and the mellow taste of the beverage both embody the […]