Fragrant Hills Park Fragrant Hills Park is located in the small northwestern suburbs of Beijing Dong Lu Xishan Mountain, 20 kilometers from the city, covering 160 hectares, is a famous imperial garden features a large forest park. Fragrant Hills Park, built in gold Dading twenty six years (1186), dating back over 800 years of history. Open for the People’s Park in 1956, after nearly half a century building, has become world-renowned Beijing one of the top ten parks.

Fragrant Hills Park, rich in precious cultural relics, pavilions like the stars scattered among the mountains. Here is one of Yanjing Eight “Qingxue Western Hills”; there are sets of temple architectural style of Ming and Qing dynasties, “Temple of Azure Clouds”; Here are the last remaining domestic wood paste “five hundred Ocean Hall”; here to meet the six Panchen Lama’s palace, “were the mirror Jokhang Temple”; there are quite quaint southern courtyard features “see Shinsaibashi”; There are great century, Mao Zedong and the CPC Central Committee and office stationed in Peking, where the first live, dual clearing house; there are century Sun Yat-sen coffin great temporary resting places – Temple of Azure Clouds Diamond Throne tower. Steep terrain rise of the Fragrant Hills Park, the mountainous Pinnacle, Stephen Chung Mao.

Fragrant Hills Park Peak Hyangnobong (commonly known as Sorrowful to a Ghost) 557 meters above sea level. Park my wife in harmony with nature, robins insects, squirrels frolic in the forest gully. This spring flowers, cool and pleasant during the summer and winter come dressed in white. Especially in late autumn, 100,000 sumac in full swing, the magnificent, has been named “King sixteen Beijing’s new” one. Fragrant Hills Park tourism facilities. Travel, can take a large rope hanging chairs Tour (full-length 1,400 meters, drop 431 meters), the Western Hills views, panoramic view of Beijing enclosing walls. Food, pine dining and beautiful environment, wild insects, spring cooking, unique flavor.

Live, Xiangshan fully functional, is tourism, to discuss the meeting, an ideal place for leisure and vacation. Live here, a leisurely walk to reach the Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Botanical Garden, Reclining Buddha.