Located in the north of the Forbidden City. Beijing cultural relics protection units. The Yuan, Ming and Qing three generations of Regency. Located in Beijing City Center, located in the north-south axis of Beijing city wall so the center of history.

Jingshan Park Wilderness areas before the Yuan Dynasty. King built in the vicinity between the earth too Ning Gong, cutting West Lake (now the North Sea), in which piled hill. Mid-13th century, Yuan Shi group built most of Kublai Khan, the area is at the city center, was opened for the emperor music appreciation, “after the Court”. Court 8 million square meters within the cultivated land, the Yuan emperor in this work, in order to clear the world, when the original hill called “Castle.” Wu Ming Dynasty, Xiao Xun, doctor and Industry demolition of dollars in the Forbidden City, after the Court sent an open view scenery and Mirage, Jade Palace, flower booths, carpet Court and other buildings.

Ming Yongle, Zhu Di, large-scale construction Chengzu city, palaces and gardens. According to “black dragon, white tiger, Suzaku, basalt, days of the four spirits, to being the Quartet,” was the Forbidden City to the north are basalt position, when there are mountains, it will tap the Forbidden City cheese River and the Pacific solution and the South China Sea mud accumulation in the “Castle Peak “, the formation of five peaks, becoming the” Town Hill, “and” Long live the mountain. ” Yamashita had piled up due to coal, also known as “Coal Hill.”

Jingshan Park Yamashita planted fruit trees, known as the “hundred Orchard” (also known as the North Orchard). Bei Yu construction in Shandong and other Hall of Life Pavilion Floor Imperial Palace Museum, for the emperor to ascend, banquets, archery, flowers. Park, north-east of the house was originally a German concept of the Ming Dynasty emperors “Archery of the” fed flocks of Cape mountain deer, to blending and longevity, and every emperor must this climb overlooking the Chung Yeung Festival, in order to live longer live for ever.

Chong seventeen years (1644) March 19, Li Zicheng the peasant rebel army invaded Beijing, thinking of the Zhu hanged herself by the prosecution at the eastern foot of a Laohuai Long live the tree. Qingjunruguan, the Ming court officials to summon somebody to surrender, saying that a crime locust tree locust tree, locked with chains, and to provide members of the royal family Qing Shi passing through here must dismount on foot. The south slope of the original tree has withered, after Planting monthly. There is a tree edge stone tablet inscribed “Ming Si were martyred at.” Shunzhi years (1655) will be renamed Long live the Jingshan hill. Fourteen years of the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1749) moved to King Hill Construction is life north of Imperial Palace.

Qing emperor to abdicate, the Jingshan was barren, and often military presence. 1928 opening. 1949. Comprehensive repair and construction, turned into Jingshan Park. Ginkgo has built parks, Begonia Garden, Garden, Taoyuan, apple orchards, vineyards, persimmons forest. Full ride south, a magnificent sight wall, covering 23 million square meters. 43 meters high mountain, 1015 meters circumference. Flower garden lawn area of 1100 square meters, there are trees close to trees. The main building has garden doors, chi tower, Feng Ting, Shou Huang Hall buildings, Xingqing Court, never thinking the house, lucky Tower, View of German house and so on.

The emperor Chongzhen hanged himselfJingshan addition to many attractions, the capital here or watch the largest peony garden, forming a unique landscape bloom every year in May the entire park of 200 competing species of 20,000 peony in full bloom, spectacular. Jingshan peony flower with its large, colorful, height, age and name of the crown long Metropole, both varieties of peony traditional imperial garden famous, but also prestigious Luoyang peony, Heze Peony. Among them, Kao, “Yao Huang,” flowers, “Wei Purple” Black Peony “dragon lying Mo Chi,” Green Peony “pea green” White Peony “white jade plate,” is even more rare and exotic, colorful, Jingshan Park to the old scores outside the Jiaorao dress.

Every summer, the South Gate Plaza, Qing Yun area, the red lotus swaying lotus fragrance filled the air, and the red string of colorful pond, phlox, Verbena, Impatiens, capillaris, Mary spent side by side, seamless , filling the quiet of the Qing Yi rhyme.