Bird’s Nest for the 2008 Beijing Olympic main stadium. By the 2001 Pritzker Prize winner Herzog ; de Meuron and Chinese architect Li Xinggang collaboration such as the giant stadium design, shape like the birth of life, “nest”, it is more like a cradle of human sustenance hope for the future. Designers of the National Stadium did not do any extra processing, but frankly the structure exposed, thus naturally formed the appearance of the building.

Bird's Nest National Stadium, Olympic Park is located in the gentle slopes of the central area, the complex design like a container, the appearance of high ups and downs to ease the sense of building mass and give a dramatic and shocking the body, the National Stadium the perfect image of pure, Appearance is the structure of the building, elevation and structure to achieve the perfect unity. Structural components of mutual support, formed a network-like structure, it is like the nest of woven branches. The spatial effect of the stadium with unprecedented ingenuity, yet simple and elegant, it has set for the 2008 Olympic Games is a unique historic landmark. Stadium like a huge container, or a distance to see whether it is near, will give the impression that a distinctive, indelible image, it is entirely consistent with the National Stadium in the functional and technical requirements, but also different from the general Stadium building long-span structures and digital design techniques as the main screen. The spatial effect of the stadium only has the unprecedented originality, yet simple and elegant. From here, people can visit, including the stands of the stairs leading to the entire region, including the moving line. Sports hall, an indoor urban space, with restaurants and shops, which acts like Commercial Street Gallery or square, drawing people nostalgia.

Olympic stadiums Stadium shell can be used as filler cushion film, so that the requirements of the roof to completely waterproof, sunlight can pass through a transparent roof to meet the growth needs of the indoor lawn. Game, the stands can change through a variety of ways to meet the amount of different periods and the requirements of the audience during the Olympic Games 20,000 temporary seats located in the top of the stadium, and can ensure that everyone can clearly see to the entire stadium. Import, export and crowd flow through the flow line and design of rational division of the region had been the perfect solution.

“Bird’s Nest” shape structure is dominated by a huge steel door with a total of 24 truss columns, truss 20 has been completed the entire column and two columns under the column loading. National Stadium Roof saddle-shaped, long axis of 332.3 meters and 296.4 meters short axis, the maximum height of 68.5 meters, the minimum height of 42.8 meters.

Olympic stadiums Many read the “nest” design model of the person so described: It was a tree-like steel with a capacity of 10 million people in the stadium woven into a warm nest! Nurture and care for the life of the “nest”, sustenance of human hope for the future.
Components of the stadium structure supporting each other to form a grid-like structure, appearance, looks like a remote branches to weave into the nest, its steel gray mineral-like material covered by a transparent membrane, which contains a bowl of red soil like stadium bleachers. Here, the traditional Chinese culture, the way hollow, ceramic patterns, bright red and warm, and modern most advanced steel structure design perfectly blending together.

Structure of the building through the giant network connection is not a column inside the stands is a complete block of the bowl without any shape, like a huge container, giving the stadium to the dramatic and unparalleled incredibly shocking. This uniform and continuous ring will also make the audience get the best view, bring their excitement, and encourage athletes to the faster, higher, stronger sprint. Here, people really been given center.