Sanlitun Bar Street referred to Sanlitun, is located east of North Road, Chaoyang District, Sanlitun, Workers Stadium East, to the bar and features a number of known for a Bar Street, in the first bar set up in 1983. Because in the embassy area, we attract a lot of foreigners come here to relax.

Sanlitun Taikooli building Sanlitun Bar Street, Beijing Beijing nightlife is the most “prosperous” one of the entertainment street. The foreigners living in Beijing and domestic places frequented by the rich elite. Every glowing night, where feasting, people bustling, bright colors against the background of city noise and luxury. Sanlitun Bar Street has always give a “smoke and mirrors” feeling, who could not see the true face of it, who does not give an accurate under its commercial position.

Bar Street is north of the embassy district, because this street famous, and some foreign embassies will be in front of the house number from the Sanlitun Road to “Sanlihe Bar Street”, Bar Street is open every afternoon from to two days early. Many foreign guests every day, driving a car or take a taxi to come here, especially in the evening, rushed to the foreign guests will flock here, not only foreigners are willing to come here, many Chinese people or friends of the customer Go here. To here as the place of communication.

Symbolic capital the night, the start of the bar culture Beijing Sanlitun Bar was a “night economy” of the symbol, from here to create a stylish, non-mainstream chased the younger generation of urban white-collar and wide to follow suit. A few years ago, visitors from afar, and always want people to take a visit to Sanlitun. Sanlitun Bar Street, a total distribution of more than 80 bars. According to rough statistics, Sanlitun within a radius of one kilometer, gathered more than 60% of Beijing bar. There are even claims that Sanlitun Bar Street and bred from birth is an important aspect of fashion culture industry in Beijing. From the first bar there until 1998, Sanlitun Bar Street shop operators reached a peak.

Sanlitun Shopping Street New Sanlitun area of ​​170,000 square meters building, building area of ​​52,600 square meters and the cultural arts district, which is located in Sanlitun North Street, Sanlitun Bar Street and across the street. Street, 4th floor are all building area, maximum height 18 meters. New Sanlitun to “3.3” Building for the line, divided into north and south areas. Sanlitun street office staff, according to Ms. Zhang, the new Sanlitun is in fact a real estate name, not on behalf of the transformation of the big Sanlitun after replacing the previous old Sanlitun. According to her, the new Sanlitun Bar Street in Sanlitun north-south street west, Bar Street as a whole remain unchanged, or in the street east. “The new Sanlitun adding only that it raised the Sanlitun neighborhood of the fashion and the whole downtown, and not representative of all of Sanlitun.”

Sanlitun Bar Street, North design highlights the luxurious features on the main food restaurants, enlist the world’s top food; office into high-end office service area, in addition to an independent traffic, is also equipped with special drivers; consumption of the North will gather an international luxury brand area. According to reports, the new Sanlitun North for the world’s top luxury brands tailored for high-end consumer groups to create a comfortable shopping environment independent. In architecture, the North also shows elegant, North, North Block, named the “fashion front line”, the building changes with the seasons changing; North, East Wing, named “Crystal facade”, the design of luxury glass carved with the avant-garde combination of hard metal.

Sanlitun Bar Street Eat, drink culture and leisure areas in Southern District, comparing North and South closer to the civilian population of the level of consumption, is a gathering of books audio and video, art galleries, bars and other fashion consumer culture and leisure centers, including the “noble taste area”, “bar area arts and culture “” trend zone “Fashion Avenue, Cultural Square and the public in the shopping, clubbing, fitness, watching movies, fishing. Spare time, the public can go to 1,000 square meters of Cultural Square walk. In construction, the Southern District focus is fashion. It is understood that the new ground will be established Sanlitun car-free pedestrian zone. Overall design of the use of Hong Kong and Japan from China, the United States eight leading architects, including North District Master Plan is designed by a designer from Japan, South master plan designer from Hong Kong.

Sanlitun Bar Street is located west of Changhong Bridge, East Third Ring Road of Beijing, foreigners travel to Beijing almost all know here. Bar Street is north of the embassy district, because the great reputation of this street, and some foreign embassies will be in front of the house number from the Sanlitun Road to “Sanlihe Bar Street”, Bar Street is open to views from every afternoon Morning.

No.46 Jiuba Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, China
Admission Fee:
Opening Hour:
From late afternoon to the following morning
How to get there:
Take bus 431, 416, 115, 113, 701, 758, 406, 117 and get off at the Changlong Bridge West station. Then walk to the street
Take subway Line 10, and get off at Tuanjiehu station through Exit A

Recommended duration of visit: as long as you wish;
The Ginkgo Avenue near the street is quite famous within the local photographers and really popular for its quietness and beauty, which makes the avenue a worth-visiting site;
The street is near the second embassy district of the city. If you are interested in the ginkgo trees there, feel free to take pictures, yet photos about the embassies and guards are forbidden to take.