Shi Chahai Deshengmen from the North Bridge, the North Sea south to the back door, the same kind of water from the sea before and after the sea, the West Sea (Jishui Tan). Also known as “10-productive” because this area had 10 Baosha, therefore the name.

Shichahai park Humanities rich history here. Guan Hanqing the Yuan Dynasty, Zhao Mengfu, Ming Li Dongyang, Yuan Hongdao, the Qing Dynasty Nalanxingde, Cao Yin, Liu Yong, Zhang Zhidong, the modern summer sticks nest, Guo Moruo, Zhang Boju, often to this event or long Living in this. Shi Shahai to radiation as the center of the surrounding area is also available in the Mei Lanfang Hu Guosi Street house, to Tiananmen Square Hu Shih former places of residence within metres of grain, to Tiananmen Square, Johnston (Puyi’s English teacher) former places of residence, to Tiananmen Square Main Street East Wellington Koo former places of residence, east Maor backdoor alley-yu, is the University of disabilities, the home can park, the adjacent Queen’s Wanrong is the last of the family house.

Shichahai park Shicha Hai Haidong from the former northward along the way. “Barbecue quarter,” Restaurant advertising under the bridge is Yinding Qiao, where Lotus had been planted in the late Qing Guangxu years some Daguan elite, Wenrenmoke here Shanghe, Lake Tea Tour, so set-Habitat, Qingyinchashe, blasting belly Wang, barbecue season, will be appear from time to time-of Health. Then sit here and push window will be tabled in a Lotus.

Shi chahai now is not only the public park, and attract many tourists. “Barbecue quarter” in front of rickshaws, bicycles, cars come and go, the river grinder of the boat came in from time to time, pipa, erhu the Golden Voice, two small guys from “barbecue quarter” in carrying delivery Mu Xia barrels of embarkation, a girl with Danfen Qipao sit on the bow gracefully on the vine Quanyi embrace pipa, Chuanpeng’s Cup in a note to listen or watch the boat, Zhuantou. Along the river bar sat a group blonde foreigner.

Shi chahai retained the edge of many ancient streets. Like Yandaixiejie, Yin Dingqiao Xiecha it from the north into the axis of the bell Gulou the west side of Main Street, shape like a Yandai. This street, there are antique shops, a fish shop, jewellery shops, bath, Xiuju Pu, bookstores, Yan Mei Fong, and other shops, a cloud Shuige Liao Qi, the owner had his home is used to suit the garment shops, Beijing’s first suit is produced in this shop.

Shichahai park Yandaixiejie from entering after the Haibei along the Arthur children alley, gradually noisy sound strip, the You-alley in an open cement board on the roads Sazhaoguhuai Posuo mottled the Shuying. Shi Shahai preserved in the alley near a dozen blocks Baosha the only preserved the most complete, the Yuan Dynasty, founded in Beijing famous ancient temples in one of the eight-Huasi. Serve in the Forbidden City, Wan Rong Zhang eunuchs had also live here.

In Shi chahai Xianbu, especially people Huaixiang Last Emperor Puyi. And here he has a special fate. He grew up in Wales after the House of alcohol; living Liu Yin Street Prince Gong Yi Xin Pu Yi is the grandfather of six, while Baylor old Tao Tao House are masters of Pu Yi is the Qi Shu; Shi Shahai former East Sea Maor alley Is the Queen’s Palace is the home Wanrong; Shufei Wenxiu and Puyi in the Puppet Guiren Tan Yuling during the two were in the home of the North Prince Gong House Xiangfeng alley.

Apart from the forest of construction Palace, where the alley is definitely going to see the. South official alley, the alley Xiangfeng, the wire alley, three bridges alley, the former along the Haibei, Hainan after along with the various courtyard, because of the different grades, in the form of doors, the doors of the hall, the openings into the deep, Zan door, the threshold, Shek Mun pillow, Mendun, the Ying, Yingbi walls and Zhuandiao patterns, accessories of choice, both have different stresses.