As a royal dish in the Imperial Age of ancient China, Peking Duck is now available to everyone in Beijing and making up a superior dinner after travelling around Palace Museum, Summer Palace or the legendary hutongs – but where to have the tastiest and most authentic Peking duck? Here are Beijing’s top 8 Peking roast duck restaurants waiting for all […]

Hua’s Restaurant Hua’s courtyard restaurant, sited on an old Beijing Courtyard, is located in the famous food street (Gui Jie), about 100 meters east from exit B of Beixingqiao subway station. Hua’s Courtyard Restaurant is a 100 meter deep courtyard restaurant surrounded by sophisticated, elegant, antique, and richly ornamented beams and pillars, corridors and winding […]

The Great Wall at Badaling & The Ming Tomb Known as one of the Seven Wonders of the world, the Great Wall, symbolizing Chinese ancient civilization, is one of the most renowned projects. Construction of the wall first began more than 2500 years ago with the total length of over 6000 kilometers. Badaling Great Wall, […]

Mutianyu Great Wall Travel Area is situated in Huairou District of Beijing. It has a longer history and is bestowed with brilliant cultures. In according to historic record, Mutianyu Great Wall was supervised and built up by a subordinate general to Zhu Yuanzhang, Xu Da based on the relic of the Great Wall in Northern […]

Jinshanling Great Wall located in Hebei Province Luanping territory, located in Beijing, Hebei, the intersection point of the four provinces. Was built in the Ming Dynasty Hongwu reign (1368), two hundred years later, qijiguang officials taking part as a thistle town period (1567-1582) took the re-construction. Jinshanling Great Wall, difficult terrain, wide vision, fortified rigorous, […]

Simatai Great Wall with a “dangerous, secret, strange, clever, and full” five characteristics, located in Miyun County of Beijing Gubeikou northern town, 120 kilometers away from Beijing. It Wangjing floor east, west, after Kawaguchi, length of 5.4 km, watch tower 35, the entire Great Wall of sophisticated ideas, unusual design, novel structure, various shapes, called […]