Beijing city has built three thousand years of history and the history of eight hundred and fifty years of capital. Republic of China, said Peking. After the founding of new China, the capital of the People’s Republic, China is now one of the four central municipalities, the country’s second largest city and the political, transportation […]

People say that the real culture of Beijing is the ‘culture of the Hutong’ and the ‘culture of the courtyard’. How true that is. Often, it is Beijing’s winding Hutongs that attract tourists from home and abroad rather than the high-rise buildings and large mansions. Hutong is a typical lane or small street in Beijing […]

Gong lane is located in north dongcheng district, south east street drum up to the ground, and the east street door with Fried bean bystreet, board factory bystreet, north east cotton bystreet, each department bystreet, qin old hutongs, former YuanEnSi bystreet, circle after the city zone bystreet, JuEr hutongs are interlinked, west and auspicious bystreet, […]