Chinese name: 明十三陵 (Ming Shisan Ling) Location: in the valley at the south foot of Tianshou Mountain, Changping District, northwest 50 km to Beijing City. Opening time: – 08:00-17:30 for Sacred Way; – 08:00-17:00 for Zhao Mausoleum; – 08:00-17:30 for Ding Mausoleum; – 08:00-17:30 for Chang Mausoleum, stop selling tickets at 17:00. Tickets: – Sacred Way: CNY30 […]

Ming Tombs located in Changping District of Beijing Tian shou foothills, west north and surrounded by mountains, is a more complete and save the world’s largest graves buried emperor. Hilly area of about 120 square kilometers. Within the mountains, the hills were built in the mountain surface water, the layout of solemn harmony. Ming Yongle […]