How to visit Shichahai (Lake) Park Shichahai is often referred as “Houhai”, or “Back Lake” by foreign visitors who kill time in its bar area in the evening. Actually Houhai (back lake) is just part of Shichahai. Shichahai is composed of three lakes – Qianhai (front lake), Houhai (back lake) and Xihai (west lake). Sometime […]

Shichahai Lake (The Three Rear Lakes) Located in central Beijing, Shichahai consists of three lakes called Qianhai (“Front Sea” Lake), Houhai (“Back Sea” Lake) and Xihai (“West Sea” Lake) which extend from the southeast to northwest respectively. It covers an area of 5.4 million square meters, including drainage area of 340,000 square meters. With convenient […]

Shi Chahai Deshengmen from the North Bridge, the North Sea south to the back door, the same kind of water from the sea before and after the sea, the West Sea (Jishui Tan). Also known as “10-productive” because this area had 10 Baosha, therefore the name. Humanities rich history here. Guan Hanqing the Yuan Dynasty, […]