Liyuan Theatre is the capital of the first cafe-style theatre, from October 8, 1990 kicked off singing, and has gone through seventeen years of business. New Year’s Eve here in addition to children at night, every day in staged opera. When night comes, foreign tourists to gather here, goods tureen catechu, original children’s opera to […]

Chinese Gongfu or Wushu, or martial arts, has been practiced for several thousand years by people in China for physical training and self-defense. It is practiced in various types of set exercises, either empty-handed or with weapons. The legend of Kungfu follows the story of a young boy found wandering outside an ancient temple. Like […]

The Chinese acrobatics has a long history and rich national flavor. It is one of the art forms most popular among the Chinese people. In a broad sense, acrobatics is the collective name of various kinds of feats. In the primitive society, acrobatics was closely related with music and dance, and became dominant of cultures […]