Sanlitun Bar Street referred to Sanlitun, is located east of North Road, Chaoyang District, Sanlitun, Workers Stadium East, to the bar and features a number of known for a Bar Street, in the first bar set up in 1983. Because in the embassy area, we attract a lot of foreigners come here to relax. Sanlitun […]

If you have a favor with curios, calligraphy, painting or other artwork in China, Liulichang Street of Chinese Culture is a must when you travel in Beijing. Liulichang Street of Chinese Culture is located south of the Peace Gate of Xuanwu District in Beijing. During the time of Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), […]

In Beijing, the South pond is a special place. It is the former royal forbidden, but today, from Beijing’s most bustling Chang’an Avenue you can enter here. Deep touch those unmoved either by gain or loss of gray brick walls, tasting civilian or noble class snacks, and occasionally a critical look at the sale of […]