Simatai Great Wall with a “dangerous, secret, strange, clever, and full” five characteristics, located in Miyun County of Beijing Gubeikou northern town, 120 kilometers away from Beijing. It Wangjing floor east, west, after Kawaguchi, length of 5.4 km, watch tower 35, the entire Great Wall of sophisticated ideas, unusual design, novel structure, various shapes, called the essence of the Great Wall. Praise the famous Great Wall expert Professor Luo Zhewen Road: Great Wall of China is the highest in the world, and Simatai Great Wall of China Great Wall has called the most. Simatai Great Wall in 1987 was inscribed on the World Heritage List, is a national key cultural relics protection units, is the only remaining original Ming Dynasty ruins of ancient buildings.

Simatai Great Wall Simatai Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty Hongwu, and later, after the town commander of the thistle and the Governor tanlun qijiguang finance for the restoration of the Great Wall. The steep, rugged terrain, engineering voluminous look at the foot of Simatai Great Wall, I saw it back against the blue sky, runs through things, difficult terrain, extremely high risk. The mountain is like a human finger close together, were two-way ladder. If the Great Wall from the west, the side looked, only one peak in the last, as if struggling to climb as long as can be condescending. But once boarded the first peak of the towers, turned east and looked, but he could feel a peak. When boarding the second hill of the watch tower, looked upward, eastward, there is a peak in the higher; and bow looked down and saw the towers on the first hill was blocking the whole, really is the “front no man has gone, who could be seen to. “boarded the fourth watch tower, now open up, braving the warm and the village beyond the smoke, seems quiet, leisurely.

Qinghuang side of the mountain vegetation and white with a V, a few sheep surging, added a dash of poetic, reminiscent of “wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep,” the poem. Boarded the sixth watch tower, floor, two storeys: the upper is the observatory; the lower is the residence of the soldiers guarding the Great Wall, with windows on three sides, north, archery hole. The whole building with generous stone blocks, appears to be strong, sturdy and grace. Bring out the spectacular landscape beyond the Great Wall metaphor, everything should be attributed to this special Yanshan topography, and other important geographical location and qijiguang creation of the ancient wisdom of the soldiers.

Simatai Great Wall Simatai Great Wall is something Yuanyang Lake is divided into two sections. Yuanyang Lake year-round by the endless flow of hot springs at 37 ℃ and the icy cold spring drops, resulting in mixed warm and cold water, each to the winter, the lake is still rippling blue waves, fog Soars. The highest point of the Great Wall is the “Fairy House”, you need to climb the “ladder” and on. Ladder up to 100 meters, slope 85 degrees, almost close to the vertical, no guts difficult to conquer. Yang Touxiang looked on, the steps of stone puzzle base can only accommodate a pair of feet, both sides of the cliff in the middle of the road level as thin as a line, thin blade, steep, such as legislation, are not people looking ladder disappointed, suck down a cold lump.

Building up the fairy, indeed more magnificent scenery is beautiful, the bow to see the foot of the cliff, sliced ​​ax general, strands of fog hanging on the cliffs at the lan, even more thrilling steep. Northwest side of Simatai Great Wall Jinshanling Great Wall and seamless, rather like a black dragon about to take off. Great Wall of different sizes and shapes of the watch tower, just right to build in all the high ground, imposing stern, solemn upright. The whole Great Wall, perfect harmony, the magnificent, always showing her clever, strange, majestic and magnificent. Look at the endless sky rushes the Yanshan Mountains, stacked numerous fantasy; to see the vast North China Plain boundless, was spread far as the eye does not see the horizon, in this strange landscape of broad, it is not help imagination .

Simatai Great Wall Simatai Great Wall is 5.4 km length, so the floor has 35. The whole of the Great Wall of sophisticated ideas, unusual design, the novel, different patterns, many characteristics of the Great Wall is set in one place, forming a “wonderful Great Wall.” Great Wall, the wall here, both the common people, “wall type”, but also to adapt to the cliffs of the mountains and built, “half of the wall type”; both the slope and stretch with the horse Road, there are steep slopes to fold into the Grand Staircase “ladder.” Hollow enemy units and diverse situations, the same architectural historian so amazing. Wangting stage only the enemy, there is room, three rooms, three rooms plus before and after gallery, three rooms plus several other around the gallery, roof Xie Shan, hanging mountains, hard mountain, Juan Peng, and eaves overhang Hill-type variety. In a very short distance, the walls and watch tower in the form as much as changed greatly, the Great Wall is extremely rare.

Simatai Great Wall after smoke of war, the Chinese record on it epic, the national spirit of brute force, and today, this is also patriotic education classes, is one of the top ten bases for patriotic education.
Simatai Great Wall Simatai Great Wall Scenic officially open to visitors in 1990. Simatai Great Wall Scenic Area development has been the concern of the party and state leaders. There have been Jiang, Wei, Jiang, Apex Ngawang Jigme, Deng Liqun and other leaders visited Simatai area, former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and many national envoys also visited Simatai Great Wall, and give a high evaluation.

Today, the Simatai Great Wall has developed into a full service facilities, beautiful environment, tourism and good order of the State AAAA-class tourist scenic areas, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system and environmental management system ISO140001 dual certification. And for many years as the city and county levels, “civilized area,” won over “Beijing travel the world”, “Beijing outstanding scenic,” “Top Ten suburbs a good place” and so on.

Simatai also invisible rope tourists board the city, visit the gorge bridge, rafting on the Yuanyang Lake, accommodation, small meeting, cottage game and other services. Held each year in June Simatai Great Wall International Gliding Festival, Cultural Festival held in August, the city board game held in September.Simatai Great Wall can fall, and then watching autumn leaves, winter snow and beautiful.