Yuan ming yuan park in the northwest of Beijing, there is a garden area of about 5,300 acres of the site, where lush forests, abundant springs, both southern and northern scenery of double features. This is what has been called “the garden of the park,” said the Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park.

Old Summer Palace, the “garden of the park” reputation, it was built in the Qing dynasty Qianlong period, the old pavilions of 140 locations with a total area of 350 square meters. Its construction area of land as big as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the water area equal to one another.

Yuanmingyuan park
The history of the Summer Palace, is the Summer Palace, Changchun Garden, Yee Spring Garden (Spring Garden million) component. Tight three adjoining park, known as Yuanmingyuan. Total area of 5,200 mu (about 350 hectares), but also the entire range than the Summer Palace, a large nearly acres. It is more than 150 years of Qing Dynasty emperors in between, the creation and operation of a large royal palace. Yongzheng, Qianlong and Jiaqing, dynasty, emperor Xianfeng five, have many years living in the Old Summer Palace leisurely pleasures, and this held in North Korea, foreign affairs management, it and the Forbidden City (Imperial Palace) was the same as the national political center, was the Qing emperor special called “Royal Park.”
Along the northwestern suburbs of Beijing, with mountains, springs, lakes, marshes of victory, has always been the feudal emperors and Qingui Xianhuan Concluding lines of the palace garden. To the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong period, significant socio-economic development, filling the state treasury, the Qing emperor in order to pursue “rather by the blessing of God,” the park home living, resulting in the emergence of an unprecedented scale with the garden construction situation.

Yuanmingyuan park
Yuan ming yuan park, a total of three hundred at the garden park and landscape architecture group, known as the hundred views. Assembly hall, pavilion, pavilions, Hin Terrace, Chai Museum, Gallery veranda and other landscape architecture, a total of about 16 million square meters. All building area than the Forbidden City more than ten thousand square meters.

Park buildings, both ancient palace architecture draws on the merits, the French missionaries Attiret, there was a description of the image, he said: Yuanmingyuan, architecture, the form of much more varied and uneven, original style. It is a small palace for each are as if the model is made in accordance with strange, like a random arrangement, no one with the other one similar. Things are so great interest, not in the list of people under the piece of scenery to enjoy, we must examine it bit by bit.

Ancient India is said to be modeled on the layout of the bridge construction Saro State capital, the city there are temples, houses 326. Kangxi, whenever the Emperor, Empress Dowager birthday, princes Minister Jin Feng of the Buddha are kept in here. Including gold, and silver, and jade carving, copper plastic, and year after year, as high as hundreds of thousands of statues. Yuanmingyuan was looted burned, only the loss of this premises, whether economic or cultural value of artistic value, are difficult to estimate the numbers.

Yuanmingyuan parkThis world famous garden Yuanmingyuan, the Xianfeng years, that is, in October 1860, the brutal British and French troops were looting the burnt, and has become humiliating chapter in the history of modern history.
Today, the Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park, the site of the theme of the history of the formation of the solidification of the garden full of vitality and atmosphere of the unique combination of tourist attractions, not only of great political and historical value, but also a unique tourist destination. Yuanmingyuan was destroyed in the tragedy, was a humiliation the Chinese symbol of the rebirth of the Yuanmingyuan, the Chinese nation has been and will continue to work hard, rising prosperity of the witness.

With the introduction of special planning, site of the park built in 2006, the basic goal has been clearly presented to us. We firmly believe that a full green Winter Palace will become a pearl of Green Olympics; a basic integrity of the Summer Palace will be a bright spot in Olympics.